Current Launch School Progress

Current Launch School Progress

It's a bit surreal, but I am just about to complete Launch School's Core Curriculum in software engineering. As of August 8, 2022, here's a summary of my current progress:

  • Programming and Backend Development
    • ✅ RB101: Programming Foundations (Ruby)
    • ✅ RB109: Assessment (Written Exam & Live Coding Interview)
    • ✅ RB120: Object Oriented Programming (Ruby)
    • ✅ RB129: Assessment (Written Exam & Live Coding Interview)
    • ✅ RB130: Ruby Foundations: More Topics
    • ✅ RB139: Assessment (Written Exam)
    • ✅ LS170: Networking Foundations
    • ✅ LS171: Assessment (Written Exam)
    • ✅ RB175: Networked Applications (Ruby, Sinatra)
    • ✅ LS180: Database Foundations (PostgreSQL)
    • ✅ LS181: Assessment (Written Exam)
    • ✅ RB185: Database Applications (Ruby, Sinatra, PostgreSQL)
  • Frontend Development
    • ✅ LS202: HTML and CSS
    • ✅ JS210: Fundamentals of JavaScript for Programmers
    • ✅ JS211: Assessment (Written Exam)
    • ✅ LS215: Computational Thinking and Problem Solving
    • ✅ LS216: Assessment (Live Coding Interview)
    • ✅ JS225: Object Oriented JavaScript
    • ✅ JS229: Assessment (Written Exam & Project-based Assessment)
    • ✅ JS230: DOM and Asynchronous Programming with JavaScript
    • JS239: Assessment (Written Exam & Project-based Assessment)

As you can see above, I have completed all courses through JS230, which leaves only JS239 to complete the Core Curriculum. JS239 is comprised of two assessments — one written and one project-based — for which I'll begin preparing this week. Launch School assessments are tough, and you have to get 90% or higher in order to pass them. At Launch School there is no such thing as 'good enough'; you have to master the material, and only then can you progress to the next course.

You might be wondering what comes next, once I complete the Core Curriculum. Launch School has a finishing program called Capstone, and I'll be joining the Winter '23 cohort in January.